Scholars Welfare Foundation Sialkot Pakistan: DUNS Number 645744736 & NCAGE Code SXN14 Ref pk 15015443777 dated Jan 15,2015. SAM Registration Process Completed and Validated.              Scholars Welfare Foundation believes in a world in which children, youth, women and teachers are valued and empowered their rights promoted and protected.

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Scholars Welfare Foundation

A Teachers Driven, Community Gender Sensitive, Youth Oriented, Environment Friendly and Multi-Dimensional Organization working in Pakistan since 2013.  Believing that teachers are members of learning communities and they think systematically about their practice, learn from experience, articulate the vision, produce Key Result and translate into to compete the advanced world.


The stated objectives of  Scholars Welfare Foundation are

  1. To promote and protect the rights of children, youth, women and teachers and to empower them using international standards as a yardstick through advocacy supported by training, service delivery, research, awareness building, human and institutional development.
  2. To create consciousness with respect to rights & obligations among individuals.
  3. To create a politically conscious, socially responsive and economically empowered gender sensitive society.
  4. To create a healthy and drug free society.
  5. To eliminate child labor and abolition of bonded labor in Pakistan.
  6. To mobilize and capacity building of the target communities through learning, understanding and sharing self reflection analysis and problem solving.
  7. To help in keeping the environment free from pollution by encouraging tree plantation and other measures.
  8. To co-operate with National and International organizations groups and individuals engaged in development of Children, youth, women and Human Rights at home and abroad.To provide passive vehicle for transforming thoughts about observations to the civil administration enhancing governance.

All activities, resources and finances are dedicated to these goals.